Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oops! I am no longer 20. I am now 22 - turning 23

Yeah right! I am 22 right now and I am no longer 20. I can say na im no longer kid. Lol. 2 years din akong nawala as stated on my previous post and all I can say is that, super dami na talagang nangyari. The blessings, the pain, the challenges, exciting things and experiences. Thru this blog, help me guys na masulat ko yun. Will try to remember all the things happened to me especially all its details for the past 2 years.

While writing this post (actually im on my work doing some laboratory testing - medyo petix. lol. later nalang ako ulit magwowork), i feel the excitement already how this blog would look like kapag nasulat ko na yung mga nangyari at mangyayari sakin lahat..

It's already 12noon, mag lunch na. Will leave this post muna from here. Ciao! Happy lunch ahead guys!

I'm Back!

It has been 2 years the last time I open/access this site again after I deleted all the post I created for personal reason. Though, I seldomly open this when I want to check out the header I created 2 years back then. Yeah, it was me, the skinny guy posing. lol. Now, I'am here again. Will try to post all exciting things happened to me. My ups and down. Sweet escapes. My love life. Sex life/encounters. And many among others.
So this for now, expect more post/stories coming! lol